Adam Argullin

Artist Information


Cincinnati, Ohio

Favorite Artists

Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Teddy Campbell, Chris Coleman, Chard Szeliga, Rich Redmond, and Benny Greb

Favorite Place Travelled

Nashville, TN. Everything about that town revolves around music. As a kid I used to visit frequently and loved the energy. I lived there for about a year and it was hard to leave. A very close second would be Austin, TX. That place just screams local music. Very eclectic town with a super cool vibe.

Band Name

Independent / Educator



Anything and everything!

Pre-Show Rituals

I start with 8’s (8 on a hand) with a practice pad to warm up and stretch. I then progress to a series of paradiddle exercises because I use a lot of diddles in my linear fills. I then move to a kit and start with a basic 4-4 style beat but incorporate all limbs in my fills. This gets all my body warm and ready to play. This also gets my mind working as I am trying to constantly trying to develop new fills.

What I Do For Fun

In my free time I hang out with my 2 kids. I have a daughter and son that keep me busy. And when they let me have the time, I wrap mallets for my company, Adam Argullin Mallets. I am also launching my new educational drum clinic series “Shed Ready”.




Adam found out early in life that drumming was his calling. “I recently found on old picture of me when I was 3 or 4 with my first kit. It was a Muppets drum set that had ‘Animal’ on the bass drum head. Since then I’ve been hooked.”

Adam grew up in a musical home in Western Kentucky (father - an accomplished steel guitar player, and mother - a vocalist). He played his first album by the age of 11 and was playing smoky bars and night club with his father by age 14. “I remember my dad having to get permission from the owner to get me in to some of the places we played.”

Adam played every opportunity possible throughout high school including marching band, indoor drumline, concert band, jazz band, pep band and every other ensemble out there. After high school, Adam attended Eastern Kentucky University and again joined every ensemble there. After studying Music Merchandising, Adam graduated in 2000. It was during this time that Adam founded and started his company, Adam Argullin mallets, which he still operates today. “Just like drumming, I wanted to experiment and find new ways to do something. I wanted to make marimba/ percussion mallets different than anyone else and hopefully reach that one person out there that was like me, and wanted something different.”

Now, Adam has relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a private drum instructor and can be seen regularly playing at the First Church of Christ in Burlington, KY. And be sure to check out his clinic series called Shed Ready.



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