Clayton Holyoak

Artist Information


Salt Lake City, Utah

Favorite Artists

Dave Grohl Chris Common Denny Agosto Ken Schalk

Favorite Place Travelled

It would be a mix of Australia/Belgium/Russia

Band Name

Norma Jean Orbs Loom Fear Before the March of Flames




Pre-Show Rituals

It’s always nice to have a couple of beers to loosen up. Sometimes I'll put on a pair of headphones and play along to some of the songs we'll be playing that night and play along.

What I Do For Fun

Jam with friends, hang with my dog.




My name is Clayton Holyoak. I've been playing drums since age 11. I've
played in all different types of bands and many different styles including
Norma Jean, Fear Before the March of Flames, Orbs, Loom, Muscle
Hawk, Her Candane, and more. I continue to travel the world spending all
of my time writing, recording, and playing in front of people. I love what I do
and there wouldn't be anything more pleasurable to replace the love that I
have for my music. Follow me on instagram to keep up with my latest
endeavors. @gooseshoes