Dalton Akerfelds

Artist Information


San Diego, CA / Denver, CO

Favorite Artists

A Day To Remember, Blink 182, Pierce The Veil, Gemini Syndrome

Favorite Place Travelled


Band Name

A Memory Down




Hard Rock

Pre-Show Rituals

I like to stretch and get the blood flowing, then I like to warm up my hands with about 20 min on the pad doing everything from single strokes to hybrid rudiments.

What I Do For Fun

When off tour Dalton enjoys spending time with family and friends. He also enjoys getting tattooed and will do anything that involves cars, trucks, bikes, or boards.



14x8 snare


Dalton grew up in a very Athletic family, had music not caught his
attention in his teens he would have been pitching for the Padres. He
began his musical journey during Drum Corp, which taught Dalton the
value of rhythm at 14 years old, a Freshman in High School. He picked
up the marching snare with ease but his writing experience began as he
sought out a band to make music with. He beat the skins in various
punk and metal bands from 2005-2009 in both San Diego and Denver. We
was inducted into the Denver Music Scene in 2011 with his first
professional project “My Last Serenade” which had two songs featured
during NFL highlights on CBS.

Dalton became the touring drummer for A MEMORY DOWN quickly taking
his role as Official drummer for the band. Dalton’s talent as a
writer and skill with his feet and hands has gained him recognition as
an up and coming young phenomenon in touring hard rock and he has
picked up sponsorships from Savior Drums and Silverfox Sticks.



2014 bangin

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