Danno O’Shea

Artist Information


Niagara, Canada

Favorite Artists

Primus, Tom Waits, Bad Religion, GWAR, Hank III, ZZtop, Lana Del Ray

Favorite Place Travelled

Playing Ashford Castle. County Mayo, Ireland. Portugal was badass too.

Band Name

My Son the Hurricane, Searson




Brass Hiphop (hurricane) Celtic (Seaarson)

Pre-Show Rituals

Black coffee, pizza, eating mcdonalds, making bad life choices

What I Do For Fun

Canadian shit (moose riding), Free Masonry, Football (indy colts), Swearing, Dancing with my kid



20x20, 14x14, 10x8
black and white spiral pattern
black chrome hardware




2014 bangin

NormaJeanBandNormaJeanBand: We will have an all new backline this Summer on the @summerslaughter tour. Fellow gear nerds? Thanks to @newvintageamps @Ampeg @Saviordrums
57 months ago from Twitter for iPhone
JORDNMOODYJORDNMOODY: Officially sponsored by @Saviordrums & @TRXCymbals de0e
58 months ago from Twitter for iPhone
chasefrom_aanchasefrom_aan: RT @Saviordrums: What do you guys think of @GreenTeaLTD of @BEARTOOTHband drum kit?? Because we love how it turned out! http://t.co/MnuinWgsRD
58 months ago from Twitter for iPhone

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