Derek Chamberlin

Artist Information


Richmond, Virginia

Favorite Artists

Steve Jordan, Matt Garstka, Travis Orbin, Adam Deitch, Robert Searight, Chris Pennie, Gil Sharone, Kevin Murphy, Carter Beauford, Matt Halpern, Steve Carey, Navene Koperweis, Matt Greiner, Chad Hasty, Thomas Pridgen, Aaron Spears, Marco Minneman, Mike Mangini, Beau McKee, Luke Holland, Steve Padin

Favorite Place Travelled

I really just enjoy going on tour and playing shows. It doesn't matter where, its the experience that's important to me.

Band Name

Real Monsters / My Way



Funk / Jazz / Progressive / Rock

Pre-Show Rituals

I like to setup my whole kit and tune it up all together. I also like to spend some time alone to reflect and clear my head.

What I Do For Fun

I enjoy doing anything that involves me being creative. I love web design, web development, graphic design, taking on random that involve me using my hands, surfing, learning new things, and much more. When I'm not doing that, I really love being active and enjoying time outdoors, spending time with friends and family, cooking, and anything else that is meaningful.



24 x 24 Bass Drum
18 x 18 Floor Tom
16 x 16 Floor Tom
12 x 8 Rack Tom
14 x 9 Snare Drum


I have been playing drums for at least 15 years now. I am a self-taught drummer that has over the years developed a unique style and a number of technical drumming skills. I have played drumming styles ranging from in the pocket funk drumming, to off the wall jam grooves, modern rock, metal, and now progressive metal. I am a lover of all things music related and make it a point to remain very open-minded at all times to allow myself to take in everything that comes my way. This mentality can be applied to pretty much every aspect of my life.

I held a job at Guitar Center within the past few years as well. I think this was a very beneficial experience for me as a drummer as I was able to be very hands on with a wide variety of drum kits, cymbals, and other related products. This job also offered a certification program which trained me on a lot of the technical aspects of drums such as choice of wood, bearing edge, tuning, heads, cymbals, etc. This really drew in my attention as I was able to reach a B-level certification (second highest) within only a few months, surpassing even my manager. I feel this is a great example of my passion for drums, ambition, and willingness to push myself to progress as a musician.

I am currently the drummer for the Hello Conductor, a progressive band native to Richmond, Virginia. We have been around for 2 years now, but have already accomplished a lot in our existence. After our first month together as a full band, we recorded a 5 song EP that we have out currently. Next, after our second month, we acquired management with DJQ Productions (formerly manager of I See Stars). We also competed in the Warped Tour Battle of the Bands in 2009 for the Virginia Beach, Washington DC, and Charlotte locations; placing in the top 10 for all 3 and winning the Charlotte location. Currently, we are working on writing some new music in hopes to record our full length sometime within the next year. We are also putting together a few smalls tours which should happen by the end of the year.



2014 bangin

NormaJeanBandNormaJeanBand: We will have an all new backline this Summer on the @summerslaughter tour. Fellow gear nerds? Thanks to @newvintageamps @Ampeg @Saviordrums
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JORDNMOODYJORDNMOODY: Officially sponsored by @Saviordrums & @TRXCymbals de0e
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chasefrom_aanchasefrom_aan: RT @Saviordrums: What do you guys think of @GreenTeaLTD of @BEARTOOTHband drum kit?? Because we love how it turned out!
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