Dylan LeBlanc

Artist Information


Lafayette, Louisiana

Favorite Artists

Aaron Gillespie, Matt Greiner, Adam Gray, Zac Farro, Daniel Davison, Kyle Burns

Favorite Place Travelled

In the summer of 2011, we did a tour of the entire West coast, all the way up to Seattle and down to Colorado. I'd have to say those two cities have been my favorite places to visit so far. The weather is so much better there than the scorching heat of Louisiana.

Band Name

The Mid-Summer Classic




Pop/Rock, Alternative

Pre-Show Rituals

I usually just do some hand stretches before a show to make sure I don't cramp up. I'll also listen to the click tracks a few times before, just to get everything as tight as can be.

What I Do For Fun

In my spare time I usually play drums as much as I can. Between shows, practice, writing, and recording, drums take up a huge portion of my time. But if I'm not drumming I'm usually hanging out with the guys in the band and other friends. I also like going to shows.



12x8 Mounted Tom
16x16 Floor Tom
22x20 Kick
14x7.5 Snare


Eventually I grew tired of playing alone, so I grew an interest in starting a band. Tried a few things with friends/family members but nothing ever seemed to work out. Finally in my junior year of high school, I found some guys in my home town looking to start a Metal/Experimental band. Went over one day to jam with them and test the waters and really hit it off. Started writing and within about two months of writing, started playing shows. I played with this band for a little less than a year when I got an opportunity to join The Mid-Summer Classic. I felt making the switch would be a smart decision to further my career in drumming, especially since I was approaching high school graduation.



2014 bangin

NormaJeanBandNormaJeanBand: We will have an all new backline this Summer on the @summerslaughter tour. Fellow gear nerds? Thanks to @newvintageamps @Ampeg @Saviordrums
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