Ivan Wing

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Macao, China

Favorite Artists

Dennis Chambers, Tony Royster Jr., Dave Weckl, Chris Coleman, Ray Luzier

Favorite Place Travelled

I've travelled to many countries and I really liked California. It's really good to see the sun everyday when I wake up! Especially in Sacramento and Los Angeles.

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Pre-Show Rituals

I really like to stretch and after stretching I usually run through the 40 basic rudiments starting from Flams to drags, doubles, paradiddles and finally doing fast singles.

What I Do For Fun

If there is really free time, I'll use it to relax in a quiet place, or make real noise by practicing drums! I'm extreme!




I’m Ivan Wing from Macau. I've been playing drums since 2007. I do studio works inside my town and in my own a studio (Chicken Beef Studios).I like playing drums, and with this passion I've successfully played some big local, Chinese Music festivals and TV performances with my past band "Boogie Engineerig". Now I'm now independent and play for different bands and music projects locally. You can check out my drumming vids in http://www.youtube.com/I4Drums