Zak DeVrise

Artist Information


Sheboygan, WI

Favorite Artists

Aaron Gillespie / Matt Greiner / Buddy Rich

Favorite Place Travelled

Band Name

By His Blood




Pre-Show Rituals

Stretch, warm up my hands and voice

What I Do For Fun

Hang out with friends and family, Drums, Recording, FIFA 12, Battlefield 3



KICK- 26x14
TOM1- 13x10
TOM2- 16x16
SNARE- 14x8


I began drumming because my Grandpa was a drummer and started showing me drummers like Gene Krupa and Buddy rich. After months of drumming on a homemade practice pad, my parents finally got me a drum set for Christmas when I was 16 and I have been going strong ever since. A short while later I started playing for my church worship team and started my first rock band with some friends from church.
I played a lot with my church and eventually preformed on two records with our praise team and even engineered/mixed the second album.
Recording began to be a big interest and that really worked well with my passion of drumming.

I followed my new found passion for recording and attended "The Institute of Production and Recording" in Minneapolis, MN to study studio production and recording engineering.
After school I returned back home and started my own studio, where I recorded my different projects and friends.

I began to get into metal and heavier music. And after several projects and bands, my friends and I started our current band "By His Blood".
We have been going strong and working to expand our sound and force our selves to grow and improve.
I am currently finishing up or latest album as producer and engineer. Make sure you you watch out for new things form "By His Blood".



2014 bangin

NormaJeanBandNormaJeanBand: We will have an all new backline this Summer on the @summerslaughter tour. Fellow gear nerds? Thanks to @newvintageamps @Ampeg @Saviordrums
58 months ago from Twitter for iPhone
JORDNMOODYJORDNMOODY: Officially sponsored by @Saviordrums & @TRXCymbals de0e
59 months ago from Twitter for iPhone
chasefrom_aanchasefrom_aan: RT @Saviordrums: What do you guys think of @GreenTeaLTD of @BEARTOOTHband drum kit?? Because we love how it turned out!
59 months ago from Twitter for iPhone

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