About a year ago when I was really seriously looking to get my first custom kit, I came across Savior Custom Drums at an I See Stars Show in Minneapolis. I checked them out and shot them an email and what I got back sealed the deal with Savior. With other companies I got a here’s what I can do pay this and we’ll get this started. With Savior I got a very welcoming and friendly email that already made me feel like part of the family, with a kick ass price to go with it. At Savior the guys really make you part of the family instead of just saying it to lure you in to buy their kits. At any point and time I can call or text the guys and I’ll get a response right away. They aren’t in it for the money, they are in it for pure enjoyment of seeing their kits in the limelight. Their work is flawless and their customer service is incredible. I feel honored to be apart of the Savior Drums family as well as anyone should that rocks one of their kits. From the sounds of it I don’t see these guys slowing down anytime soon. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for the sweet things coming from Savior Custom Drums.

Bryce Job

Just got my new snare! Looks and feels so rad! I am extremely happy about this. I did a facebook update about it and attached this photo. I’ll get some pro shots done later down the track. Thanks a bunch!

Beau McKee

Just finished soundcheck. Very pleased with the snare sound. Great work!

Yan Odnoralov

The kit is amazing I love it! Thanks so much!

Collins Funmaker

Great job on my snare. I really like it!

Ryan Cox